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Great Question! Do you own a special occasion business like a lawn greeting, yard greeting, yard card, birthday sign, stork yard sign business? Are you content with the amount of business you have & don’t want to have more customers?


Would you LOVE to serve even more customers with their memory making moments? Does it energize you to think of helping more people smile? If this is you, then we are birds of a feather. I want to serve as many people as possible.

The Flamingoed Directory is built to do two things: 1. To connect customers to local businesses; 2. To help you, fellow small business owners build a beautiful business & have the life you deserve.



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I’ve been a huge fan for many years & have enjoyed the special memory-making moments more than I can express. The most special one was when my son rang the bell on his last day of chemo treatment for leukemia. I can’t say how happy he was to come home & have the yard screaming out the awesome news. It made me tear up just driving home to it-and then seeing the big grin on Arda’s face. There’s nothing like the special love & care that Chris Ann brings to those she serves.

Erge F.

I can’t say enough about the amount of dedication & talent Chris Ann gives to every one of her clients. So grateful to have her helping me with all of my special occasions.

Lisa E.