January 1, 2018.

Happy New Year & a big CHEERS to everyone!

I hope you’re gearing up from your best year ever!

I am excited to announce the Flamingoed Yard Greetings Directory is being completely re-built, and will be re-launched very soon!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Flamingoed Directory originally started in 2002. Waaaay before social media, way before anyone knew what search engine optimization was. Businesses were still just trying to get a website going. The founder had started her own yard greetings business & realized there needed to be a nationwide directory of all the yard greeting companies. She happened to also be an online marketing & SEO strategist, and it didn’t take long before she had businesses on the directory coming up on the first page of Google, and often times, in the first & second rankings. Wow. She really helped drive potential customers to many small businesses.

As time went on, her mad SEO & online marketing skills were in huge demand, and she ended up leaving behind her yard greetings business. She kept up the directory for many years, but as technology does, things would break, and she was so busy working to provide for her kids that she just was not able to keep up with her directory.

Fast forward to today. She was kind enough to hand Flamingoed over to me. Thank goodness for my super-techie & supportive husband. After months of me not really getting anything off the ground for Flamingoed, he committed to using his Christmas vacation to build as much as he could. Well, let me just tell you, building the techie-side/framework part gets no credit. It’s not pretty, it’s all behind-the-scenes, but you can’t build anything without it.

We are looking forward to Flamingoed rising from the ashes, just like the phoenix. We hope you will support this wonderful uprising as well!

Cheers to 2018 being our BEST YEAR EVER!!!