January 15, 2018

We Are Here To Help Businesses Grow!

We are on the hunt for ALL COMPANIES that offer any sort of yard greetings, lawn greetings, yard cards, stork yard signs, flamingo flockings, yard signs, yard decor, etc. anywhere in the U.s. We will NOT be offering any exclusivity for a particular location. The goal with the Flamingoed Directory is to provide a comprehensive destination for our valued customers, so they may find all their options in one place. We want it to be easy & as pleasant as possible on every customer!

Businesses will definitely benefit from being part of the Flamingoed Directory.

WHY will it be a fantastic place where you NEED to be a member?

Let’s start with the big picture. Having this service is a big help to customers. They are our most valued asset. Without customers, we have no business, right? We always need to remember they are the reason we are in business, which provides us with an income.

Once we have a sizeable number of business members, a customer will stop searching for a business in their area once finding the Flamingoed Directory. They will have a nice selection to choose from, with a lot of information right at their fingertips. The businesses with nice listings, pretty photos, video & lots of details, will be the ones who will receive the most leads. If there isn’t a business in their area, they will have the option of looking to purchase a small package of decorations or to consider starting their own yard card, yard greetings business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital these days. We are taking great care in implementing the newest SEO strategies, Google preferences, Facebook requirements, etc. to help customers from all over the U.S. find a yard card, yard greeting, lawn greeting, yard decor, card in the yard, party decorations, etc. If you have competition, they WILL become a member & their business WILL be the one that shows up. For certain Business Member Packages, you will receive additional SEO assistance, and we will target your business listing for your area & zip code.


Ah, we all love & hate Facebook at the same time. Facebook continues to change its rules of engagement, and is making it very challenging for a small business to be seen, even if a Page Follower “Likes” a Business Page. Here’s where the Flamingoed Directory will be your personal assistant.

We’ve been spending a lot of time as a student, studying Facebook advertising & all its super recent changes (like in the past few days even). We are constantly attending webinars, other trainings, reading articles from the right experts about what to do & not to do, and have paid memberships to professional groups to learn even more.

So? What’s in it for me? Good question!! We have a plan for the Flamingoed Directory to help grow awareness to our cool industry with our own Flamingoed Directory paid advertising promotions. For specified Business Member Packages, we’ll actually be including those locations specifically in our advertising campaigns! We’ll be targeting YOUR hopeful customers through a lot of different variables, including demographics, age, interests, upcoming birthdays/anniversaries, etc. We’ll sometimes ask you to provide a sample photo that can be used in the campaign so it really helps show off YOUR business.

The Flamingoed Directory Facebook Page will be used to engage with actual customers from across the country. We’ll be asking them for reviews, photos of their yard greeting rental, and maybe an occasional contest or two. Our goal is to keep them engaged so they remember to book their next occasion quickly. There will be party-related content we will post on a regular basis so potential customers, so they will enjoy the articles, tips, various party themes, etc.

Anything else I should know?

Yes! There’s really a lot of great features & wonderful future plans!
We’ll also be spotlighting our top level Business Members. This will mean those businesses will be interviewed, then we will do a nice write-up about your business. We’ll post it on the Flamingoed Directory, include a link on your Business Listing so potential customers can read it (will help gain credibility for you), and also post it on Facebook. You can use the interview on your own website, and can even write a press release to tell local media about it. The more media exposure you receive, the better for building your BRAND. It’s not a quick sales gimmick; it’s about creating a relationship with your audience.

Get In On The Ground Floor!

(rough sample image of the Member Badge!-excuse the rough draft)

Flamingoed is definitely rising from the ashes. The directory was created in 2002! Read our history in the About Us section. Now with the new launch, businesses have the one-time opportunity to be a Premier Member. This means it will be noted that Premier Members have been with Flamingoed since the launch. Again, we’re talking about building credibility.

Premier Members will also enjoy special Early-Bird specials, and be the first members to get their businesses on the directory. We will open the doors early to our newsletter update subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed yet, I strongly encourage you to do so! Just go to the Home Page, and scroll down until you see the rocket ship (being piloted by a flamingo), and fill out the quick sign-up form. Super easy.

We have TWO missions:

  • To help customers have an easy resource to find party & yard card businesses so they can order & spread smiles to their loved ones, creating memory-making moments. These decorations aren’t just “an order;” they design an experience for families & friends to remember for many years to come. They simply make everyone who sees the decor smile. That is powerful.

  • To help small businesses grow & become more successful! Small businesses are families. They are real people. With real responsibilities like mortgage payments, kids activities to finance, college tuition to save for. By helping each small business, we’re helping a real family create success & hopefully happiness. We want your hypothetical kids to see you not just working hard, but succeeding-because you’re their role model. We want you to be able to support your community through great philanthropy. 

 WOW! This was definitely A LOT of information to digest! Did you make it to the end?!! I hope it has helped you get to learn more about the Flamingoed Directory, what we want to accomplish, and why becoming a Business Member is so important. We hope you’ll choose to join the Flamingoed Family, and help us accomplish our missions together. A team is a lot stronger than an individual. Let us help you make great strides in 2018!