January 21, 2018


Oh yeah! I just created the Flamingoed Instagram account! We’re officially getting caught up, one social media platform at a time!

Please do me a favor. Please start following us! We’re on instagram at @flamingoeddirectory

Instagram #flamingoeddirectory


Once we get up & running, my plan is to have an Instagram workshop & show us how to effectively use instagram to grow our businesses, reach more people, and spread more smiles.

Then-the exciting part! For Premier Members, you’ll be able to tag @flamingoeddirectory when you post to instagram, and it will show up on both!

I’ll be looking for photos soon & anyone that is already on instagram, so we can start playing with it.

Excited to get one more box checked off the MUST DO list!

If you’re already on IG with your business, please feel free to leave a comment with your link, and also let me know how it’s been going for you. Do you have specific questions about IG? Or are you an IG expert?!