👁 Want a little Sneak Peek? 👁

After about a gazillion hours spent, I have the best most important piece of the Flamingoed Directory ready to show off! Can I get a Hallelujah?! What is it, you ask?

The Yard Greetings Searchable Map

Check out the Pink Area below.

Search by either keyword OR by specific address!
A visitor can enter the exact delivery street address, the city or even the zip code. They can also search by state, but since that’s such a large search, one of the other 3 ways is going to give a better result.
Any business that is within a 50 mile radius will pop up in the search results. YAY!!

Nationwide Yard Greetings Map

Here’s some Sample Yard Greetings Businesses on the nationwide map. The big circles show that there’s multiple locations in the area covered.

See the sample Yard Card Business names above? Each one of those businesses opens up to a

Full Advertising Page for that individual lawn greetings business.

Let’s talk about GOOGLE Rankings!

Each one of these Yard Card Businesses will have custom search engine optimization (SEO) tags inputted, which allows Google & other search engines to “crawl” the page and start getting to know the information. This takes time, so the sooner your business is listed, the better. This helps each business start getting higher Google rankings. Heck yeah!!!


Sooooo….How Do YOU Get In On The Action?

I will be sending out invitations for a Pre-Launch enrollment to become a Founding Flocker. There’s only going to be a select number of Founding Flocker memberships & a limited enrollment period. I want to focus on the Founding Flockers before officially launching the Flamingoed Directory for open enrollment.

Do you want to become one of the elite Founding Flockers?

I hope so! This is a one-time opportunity to be a Founding Flocker. Of course, there will future opportunities to join the Flamingoed Directory! Absolutely! But the definition of the word “Founding,” means original. That’s the first group. Nobody else will have this special honor of becoming a Founding Flocker.

Get on the VIP Waiting List now & get invited the moment I send out the invitation!


But Chris Ann, I Have More Questions & Want To Learn More…

I get it! I’m the Queen of Questions! HA! I always have questions.

Let’s Get Together. I’m putting together a special Q&A Session to answer those burning questions. How do you get notified of the Q&A session? Let’s make things simple.

Register for the VIP Waiting List

And I will send out the date & time.
Also, if you are finding this from a Facebook page or group, please comment there so I know at least one flocker has seen this. You’ll make me feel better that you were interested & I’m not just talking to myself (although I may or may not talk to my friendly flamingos sometimes).
I think you can also comment below, but I’m really not sure! Haha 😆 This is all a work in progress!
Let’s get this going & fix the tweaks as we go. I’m a recovering perfectionist. My new mantra is “Done is better than perfect.” Who’s with me?!